See the eclipse from the heart of the Baker Valley

Eclipse Campsite Information and Rules

Specific check-in and check-out procedures will be available in the coming weeks.

Campground Layout

Our campground layout has been updated for the new location.  As we will not likely reach the campground capacity, the new layout is more generic and open.  Distinct driving areas will be seen in the actual campground, but camping areas will be loosely partitioned.  The event area, where food vendors, entertainment, first aid, and other facilities are located, lies in the southwest corner of the campground.  Campers will be directed to extra parking areas as they arrive.  See site layout below.  At this point, the layout should be for basic reference only.  There will be plenty of space for everyone; that’s the bottom line.

Campground layout may change.

Directions to the DLX Campground

To get to The DLX Ranch eclipse campground follow these directions:

  • Exit I-84 using exit 298
  • Turn west onto Chandler Lane
  • Follow Chandler Lane west for about 2.6 miles, until the road begins to curve south
  • Continue straight, onto the dirt road (don’t follow the curve south)
  • You’ve arrived!

Spacious Campsites

Compared to other eclipse campgrounds, the actual campsites at The DLX Ranch eclipse campground are very spacious—up to twice as large as those of other eclipse campgrounds:

  • All RV sites:  35′ x 70′
  • All Tent sites:  25′ x 50′

We offer more space than others, in order to provide maximum comfort for our guests.  We don’t want anyone feeling like a sardine in a can.  The sample campsite layouts below are to scale, and give you an idea of just how much space campers at The DLX Ranch will have to work with:

Layouts are examples only. Campsites do not come with any accoutrements.


Please visit our Rates page for campsite rates.

Maximum Campsite Occupancy

Please do not abuse the campsite areas by overloading them with guests.  While we are not placing an arbitrary number of maximum occupants on the campsites, we ask that you limit numbers to those which are reasonable to the facilities you provide to sleep in.  If you bring a 4-man tent, don’t put 12 people in your campsite.  Etc.

Dry Camp (No Hookups)

As much as we’d like to provide hookups and running water at each campsite, it simply isn’t feasible.  Please prepare accordingly.

Event Area

The DLX Ranch will have an event area set up in the southwest corner of the campground.  This area will feature concessions, bottled water, a large gathering-area tent, live entertainment, and first aid.  When in doubt, come to the event area!

Off-site Showers

Mt. View RV Park in Baker City has agreed to allow DLX Eclipse patrons to use their shower facilities for $8 per person.  Showers are available from 9 AM to 9 PM.  Let them know you’re camping at the DLX!


Some food will be available on site.  Primarily concessions, and foodstuffs that can be purchased and cooked/prepared by guests at their campsites.  But guests are responsible for their own food, and are advised to plan appropriately for the duration of their stay.  As The DLX Ranch is in a rural area that is expected to have a very large number of visitors, it may be difficult for local grocery stores to keep up with demand.  Plan ahead.  Don’t find yourself without enough food.

Bottle Water Available

Bottled water will be available for purchase at the main tent located in the event area at the center of camp.


The DLX Ranch plans to provide live entertainment Sunday evening.  More details to follow.


Historically, the weather in Eastern Oregon is dry and warm/hot.  We do not expect any cloud cover, although we cannot, of course, guarantee it.  Nights are generally very cool, with temperatures dipping into the 60s and 50s.  Sometimes even the 40s.  Please plan accordingly.  If you’re like us,  you’ll LOVE Eastern Oregon summer weather!


For Tent Campsites:
  • A maximum of one street (passenger) vehicle may be parked in a tent campsite.
  • Two street motorcycles may be counted as one passenger vehicle.
For RV Campsites:
  • A maximum of two vehicles may be parked in an RV campsite.  Examples:  One car/truck/van and one motorhome/trailer, etc.  Two cars/trucks/vans.
  • Exception to the rule above:  A maximum of one camper/RV/Motorhome may be parked in a given RV campsite.

Street vehicles may be driven to take guests in and out of the campground area.  Street vehicles may not be used to “get around” within the camping area.  Please be cautious and vigilant at all times while driving in and out of the camping area.  There will be many people, including pets and children.  Yield always to pedestrians and be polite to other drivers.

Guests may be asked to leave the grounds if they drive recklessly on the premises, or endanger others.

Extra Vehicles

Guests may purchase extra vehicle passes if they’d like to park additional street vehicles in designated parking areas.  Extra vehicle passes may be purchased in The DLX Ranch online store.

ATVs & Motorcycles

Off-road vehicles may not be driven in the campground area.  However, guests may bring these along if they plan to use them elsewhere.  Guests are advised to follow local road-use laws, relative to off-road vehicle use.  Street bikes that are used by guests as the primary means of travel to camp, may be driven on campground roads, but only as a means of coming and going from camp.  Vehicles should not be used as a means of “getting around” the campground.

Pets and Service Animals Welcome

Service animals are welcome in all areas of the campground.  Guests may also bring pets.  Animals may not run free through the grounds.  All animals must be leashed and under control of their owners at all times.  Animal owners are responsible to clean up after their pets.  If animals disturb other guests through excessive noise, aggressive behavior, etc., owners will be asked to remove them from the campground premises.


The camp’s event area will have lights for food vendors, entertainment, and other needs.  However, electricity will not be provided or available for guests.  Please plan accordingly.


The campground will have Wi-Fi available for all guests.


Guests may run a generator to provide electricity in their campsites.  Please be considerate of other guests.  Run generators only when needed, for only as long as needed.  Noise and fumes from too many generators can significantly diminish the enjoyment of open-air camping for guests.

Alcohol & Drugs

Alcohol will not be sold on the premises.  However, guests may bring and consume alcohol.  Guests should obey all applicable laws regarding alcohol consumption, and are responsible for their own conduct at all times.

No illegal drugs are allowed in the campground.


Mt. View RV Park in Baker City will allow DLX Eclipse patrons to swim in their outdoor pool for a fee of $6 per adult and $4 per child (12 and under).  Let them know you’re camping at the DLX!

Grilling/Campfires/Open Fires

Eastern Oregon has a dry climate, particularly from mid to late summer, and fire restrictions are usually in place long before mid August.  We expect that open or campfires will be prohibited by the time the gates open for campers at The DLX Ranch.  As such, please don’t plan on having campfires, or to cook on an open fire of any kind, including with briquettes.  Propane grills and barbecuers may be used for cooking.  Use caution at all times.


Private security will be employed to help monitor the camping area.  Local law enforcement has likewise been tapped for increased patrols of the area during eclipse camping dates.  We want every guest to have a good time.  So come and have a good time.  But don’t be a jerk, don’t doing anything stupid, and don’t commit a crime while in our camp.  Guests who disturb others or violate laws will be asked to leave, and may be subject to criminal prosecution.


Guests are expected to obey all laws regarding the carrying of firearms while on the camping premises.  The DLX Ranch prohibits the discharge of firearms on its property.  Guests who violate this rule, or who endanger, intimidate or threaten other guests, will be ejected from the premises, and may be subject to law enforcement.


Fireworks may not be used on the premises.  Nor is it lawful to use them in the area during the month of August.

Litter — “Don’t Trash our Grass!”

Please do not litter in the campground.  After the eclipse is over, cattle will be placed on the grounds.  We do not want them eating leftover garbage, or stepping on things that may injure them.  Be responsible and discard garbage in the trash containers we have distributed throughout the campground.

Grey Water / Sewage

There will be porta-potties on site for restroom use.  Please do not dump grey water or sewage from RVs onto the grounds.  Mt View RV Park has graciously agreed to allow DLX Eclipse patrons to dispose of RV greywater and sewage at their rv park for a fee of $7.  Let them know you’re camping at the DLX!

In addition to the above camp rules, guest must abide by The DLX Ranch’s Terms and Conditions.  The DLX Ranch reserves the right to modify its terms, conditions, and campground rules, with or without notice, in order to protect the persons and property of guests, maintain peace and order on its premises, and to protect its interests.