Frequently Asked Questions

Is The DLX Ranch in the "path of totality"?

Yes, The DLX Ranch is within the path of totality for the 2017 Great American Eclipse.  Our campground is ideally situated for visitors who want either a staging area for getting to the center of the umbral path to the south, or who are not interested in fighting the crowded roads that are expected closer to the center of the umbral path, and are happy to experience the eclipse from their own campsite.

How long can campers experience the total eclipse on The DLX Ranch?

Within the campground area, guests will be able to experience the total eclipse for as long as 1 minute 7 seconds.

At what time will the eclipse event begin on The DLX Ranch?

The eclipse event will begin at 9:09 AM Pacific on the morning of the 21st, with the full eclipse being seen starting at 10:25 AM Pacific.

How do I get to The DLX Ranch campground?

To get to The DLX Ranch eclipse campground follow these directions:

  • Exit I-84 using exit 298
  • Turn west onto Chandler Lane
  • Follow Chandler Lane west for about 2.6 miles, until the road begins to curve south
  • Continue straight, onto the dirt road (don’t follow the curve south)
  • You’ve arrived!